Fruit and Veggie Baskets delivered to your home!

Silver Circle—West Toronto Services for Seniors offers a solution for individuals and couples who are looking for another option to get their fresh vegetables and fruit.

Twice a month, we deliver a random assortment of vegetables and fruit right to your front door.   A sample of your box may include apples, bananas, broccoli, carrots, corn, lemons, lettuce, potatoes, cantaloupe as part of your variety of choices.

fruitandvegg1Vegetable and Fruit Baskets are delivered  every other Wednesday between 11am and 1pm by our dedicated volunteer team.   They will leave it with you at the front door or bring to your kitchen counter if desired.

The cost of a basket is $13.50

All orders need to be placed the week before delivery on the Tuesday by 12pm.

fruitandvegg2Our Fruit and Vegetable baskets are brought to you through a partnership with FoodShare Toronto.    Foodshare is a non-profit  community organization whose vision is Good Healthy Food for All.   Working “from field to table,” they focus on the entire system that puts food on our tables: from the growing, processing and distribution of food to its purchasing, cooking and consumption.

fruitandvegg3FoodShare Toronto is Canada’s largest  community food security organization,        recognized as an important innovator of  effective programs that have been reproduced all across Canada. We facilitate empowerment and community development from the ground up, cultivating awareness, building citizenship and enhancing individual and community    participation, all the while striving to improve access to good healthy food.

Visit for information.

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