Frozen Food Home Delivery

Do you want minimal hassle?
Like to eat on your own agenda?
Need to continue a lifestyle?

Every week you have a chance at selecting over 65 delicious entrees, 14 soups and a wide selection of regular and low-sugar desserts.   These numbers do not include our separate menu for clients who require or prefer renal, lactose and gluten free diets.

One week you may find yourself enjoying Traditional Pot Roast or you may fancy a   selection from our vegetarian fare.  All our meals are diabetic friendly.

Meals are packaged together and delivered each week to your doorstep by our volunteer team.

Regular Entrée: $4.75
Pureed Entrees: $4.50
7 Entrée Package Deal: $31.85
5 Entrees with 5 Soups or 5 Desserts: $31.00
Soups: $1.50
Desserts: $1.50

Our Food Providers:

frozenfood3Humanistic Fare
Humanistic Fare provides meal solutions   produced in plants that are HACCP           recognized and CFIA inspected. They specialize in offering the best selection of ready to heat food to meet the nutritional  clients needs for Meals on Wheels and Community Services.

frozenfood4Apetito Canada
Apetito produces food with the right nutrition and best taste.  In addition to their regular meals, they can also meet dietary needs such minced and pureed foods.  They ensure their are frozen for freshness, and will not compromise on the ingredients to achieve full, fresh, home cooked flavours.

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