Volunteer Profile: John Scheffer

Department:  Meals on Wheels

John Scheffer

John Scheffer

On one particular day, John Scheffer had a new route and met a 97 year old man.   The man was a piano teacher and promptly invited him to listen to one of his pieces.   It was this musical interlude that reinforced John’s belief about the work he does and the appreciation of meeting people who are living and enjoying life independently well into their years.

John has been a driver for our Meals on Wheels department for almost 13 years.   He’s seen many changes of staff and began his time when WTSS was located on Roncesvalles in a church.   He first got involved after hearing that his sister from Oregon, U.S. was  volunteering in a similar capacity.  Both his parents also drove MOW routes when they were in their 70’s.   Helping the clients is something John looks forward to.  John’s route remains the same for the most part each week and allows him to meet many individuals.  The support he provides in the role and the daily interactions offers him a rewarding and interesting experience each week.

John had a fascinating career before he finally switched his wings for wheels.  He worked with an aircraft initially in the Airforce as a navigator and later part of the flight crew of the Boeing 747 airplanes.   He’s seen the  industry change as computers have taken on more responsibilities and it later had an influence on his own decision to leave.  After 25 years as a flight navigator he decided to pursue other interests.

John was born in Holland and moved to Edmonton, Canada when he was 8 years old.  He studied Engineering Design and finished his degree at the University of Edmonton.  John believes people should give back to their  community and with an outstanding 1,298 hours under his belt as a volunteer at WTSS, John is dedicated and always there to support the team.  He helps with double shifts and last minute calls without a moment’s thought.

Words alone cannot describe the invaluable contribution he’s made to the agency over the years.

Thank you John!!

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