United Way 2013 Campaign – Showing some Altitude

As a United Way (UW) member agency, SC-WTSS climbed the CN Tower as a team on Oct. 20th followed by several office events for staff.  Money raised goes towards UW and its goal of making a difference across Toronto.

The big climb is over!

Thanks to everyone for participating and contributing to this years’ CN Tower climb for United Way of Toronto.  This year we raised a record breaking $2405.00!

Team members woke up and met in the early hours of Sunday morning to start their big climb. Congrats to Michael for the fastest time again clocking at just over 13 mins!! And to Marc and Anna who deserve recognition for best improved time over last year.

The CN Tower Climb is an annual event that kickstarts our United Way Campaign at Silver Circle West Toronto Services for Seniors. With 1,776 steps this is an event that really has a “Wow” feeling once completed.

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Team Page for 2013 CN Tower

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