Volunteer Profile: Alex Lee

Alex Lee – Meals on Wheels Dept.

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 1.27.46 AMOne knows when Alex has arrived.   He’ll show up with an air of friendly confidence and gladly greet each and everyone with a “Hi”. Not one to waste time, he’ll happily go about making sure that everyone is ready to get started.    Alex has a few roles at our agency – helping to prepare our newsletters for delivery and Meals and Wheels preparation.

He enjoys the problem solving of labeling and sorting meals each day but finds it can be a little chaotic.  To do a good job, it is paying attention to the little details that are important he says.  While helping with the newsletter, he gets to work with other volunteers sometimes and enjoys the race to meet tight deadlines.

Alex attained his position here through the assistant of an agency called CORE.  They specialize in helping individuals receive the skills they require for employment and independent living.    In Alex’s case, this was to pursue his interest in administration work in an office environment.    He enjoys working at SC-WTSS and has already been here for 2 years.   He aims to use the practical skills and experience he’s acquired here as a stepping stone to full-time employment.

Alex enjoys socializing, going out for good food with the family and travelling overseas.   He has family in  Taiwan but has also been to Europe, England and Las Vegas.  His interests go beyond the digital slot machines however – he’s well-read in many topics and enjoys military history in particular and the many vehicles involved.   In fact, his home library is so “massive” that he often has to pick and choose which to keep.

The idea of marriage is not too high on his priority list because he’s just too busy     working, swimming or travelling to new destinations.   When recommending SC-WTSS to others, he has these words to say: “There’s enough cookies to knock your socks off!”

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