Time to renew your Membership!

Silver Circle – West Toronto Services for Seniors (SC-WTSS) was founded by  community members to serve older adults 55+, frail elderly and care givers. Members bring the voice of the community to the agency and enhance our service.  Consider being involved by becoming a member of SC-WTSS.  

Membership is valid from Jan. 1, 2014 to  Dec. 31, 2014

You will enjoy these benefits of membership:

  • Receive a monthly newsletter!
  • Stay current about our services and events.
  • Invitations to our Annual General Meeting & special events.
  • The right to nominate candidates and elect the Board of     Directors.
  • The right to vote on SC-WTSS by-law changes.
  • Be engaged with your community and assist seniors.

Membership Application

Please send the following information below to our office:

Name:  _________________________________________________

Street Address:  __________________________________________                      

City:  _____________  Province:  ______  Postal Code:  __________

Email:  ______________________  Phone #: __________________  

Please enclose a membership fee of $10.00

Make cheque payable to “West Toronto Support Services”

mail address membership



If you would also like to make a donation to help ensure that older adults in need receive services, please indicate the amount of your donation. 

Thank you!

Comments will be sent directly to our social media team.

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