Keeping Warm in your Home

As we begin the new year and look forward to warmer weather, we  provides some additional insight into dealing with the cold and persistent snowy weather of late.  Temperatures have been colder than usual and you’ll find some tips and tricks to help make your home a warmer without adding significant costs.

Blackouts such as we experienced during the ice storm before the    holidays can be more challenging during winter and it’s important to ensure you have some basics at hand.

Finally, we’ve included a listing of some other snow shovelling services in Toronto that is a great addition to our article in the last issue. Each is beneficial depending on where you live and your property needs.

Below are a few tips to help save money in the colder months ahead.

  •  Consider installing a programmable  thermostat. It will turn the heat up before you wake, turn the heat down when you leave home.
  • Close registers or vents for forced air systems in rooms that are not being used so you’re not wasting heat.  Close the door to these rooms aswell.
  • Keep your curtains and blinds open during the day and closed at night. This helps to heat your home on cold days & reduces energy used by your furnace.
  • Keep your  furnace well maintained and replace the filter every 1-2 months.  Dirty filters reduce airflow, causing the furnace to take longer to heat your home.
  • Reverse that ceiling fan.   By  reversing its direction from the summer operation, the fan will push warm air downward and force it to re-circulate.
  • Have a large scatter rug on the floor if you don’t already have  carpeting.
  • Also inspect the caulking around the exterior windows and doors of your house.
  • If modern windows are too expensive an option, a more     affordable and temporary solution is to buy a Window  Insulator Kit.  The Kit is a plastic sheeting that’s affixed to a   window’s interior with double-stick tape.   It can be an   effective solution despite its “un-pretty” look.   Also  inspect the caulking around the exterior windows and doors of your house.
  •  Be active. Moving around produces body heat! finally, wear warm clothes and don’t forget to make a hot drink to warm up your core temperature.  Keep warm!


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