Snow Removal


There are other options to have your snow  removed near or on your property.   The  services can vary from each neighbourhood and not every option will be available or may not apply to everyone.


City of Toronto

Some of the sidewalks in Toronto are cleared of snow within 36 hours if the accumulation is greater than 8 cm (approx. 3 in.). However, on streets with continuous on-street parking and where sidewalks cannot be cleared by mechanical ploughing, residents are required to clear ice and snow from sidewalks adjacent to their property within 12 hours of a snowfall.

If you are a senior or if you are disabled and live in an area where sidewalk snow clearing is not automatically done, you can obtain  information on how to register by calling (416) 392-7768.

For assistance with private property snow clearing, seniors and the disabled can use a Community Support Service.

Community Support Services (CSS)

Several agencies offer snow removal as part of their programming and will do private  properties such as walkways and driveways.   These are usually offered for a nominal fee and the agency may act as a   broker to help match adults and students with people requiring snow shoveling.  Rates are hourly and vary per agency.   They also  restrict services to catchment areas and may not be available for your area.  CSS services like Humber Services for Seniors offer a flat rate that guarantees a professional will come and remove snow.

Some CSS contacts for the west end:

  • CANES (416) 743-3892
  • Syme55+   (416) 766-0388
  • York Fairbank  (416) 651-8300
  • Toronto Intergenerational Partnerships  (416) 531-8447
  • Humber Services for Seniors  (416) 249-7946


You may also contact 311 Toronto to obtain a list of organizations that provide snow removal services.

If in doubt, you can also try calling the City of Toronto help line for free and you will be  directed to the appropriate agency or contact number.  Dial 311 or email  TTY customers: 416-338-0TTY (0889).

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