Emergency Preparation Kits


Emergency situations such as black outs in the winter can be hazardous to anyone and it’s best to be prepared with an emergency kit.  It should be kept in an accessible location and easy to carry.  Stored water should be changed every six months.  Kits should be reviewed once a year and    batteries should be replaced.  Here are some   suggestions: 

WATER: Store one gallon per person per day for  drinking, food prep and sanitation.

FOOD: Store a 3-day supply of Non-Perishable food.

TOOLS AND SUPPLIES:  Identification in a waterproof bag (see below)  Battery operated radio and extra   batteries,  Flashlight and extra batteries, Phone (wired- does not need electricity), Cash in small bills or change, Manual can opener, Utility knife,  Matches and candles in waterproof container, Plastic garbage bags/ties, Change of clothes, Hat, gloves, Mylar blanket or sleeping bag, First Aid Kit


  •   Your OHIP number
  •   Your phone Number
  •   An emergency contact
  •   Your doctors phone number
  •   Current medications & allergies

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