World’s Oldest Living Man At Age 111

Dr. Alexander Imich was awarded the Guinness World Record title of Oldest living man on May 8, 2014 at the age of 111 years and 93 days. Watch this video of Dr. Imich accepting his World Record to learn a few secrets of his long life and read below:

Dr. Imich was born in present-day Częstochowa, Poland, which was then part of the Russian Empire, on February 4th, 1903. In 1951, he and his wife, Wela, immigrated to the United States from the Soviet Union and Imich has lived in Manhattan alone since she passed away in 1986. He was a parapsychologist and retired chemist.

Alexander credited his Father’s good genes and healthy lifestyle for his long life. His motto: “always pursue what one loves and is passionate about”.

From the video, we learn that: “It was his work that he was most proud of, and he was happiest when the attention included his scientific work,” his longtime friend Michael Mannion said. “He had such an ability to turn adversity into something positive. That intense curiosity was there until the last days,” said Mannion.

However, Imich was not the oldest living person. There are 66 women older than him!

And according to The Guinness World Records, Thomas Peter Thorvald Kristian Ferdinand ‘Christian’ Mortensen holds the World Record for oldest living male. Thomas died aged 115 years 252 days.

Did you know? The greatest fully authenticated age to which any human has ever lived is 122 years, 164 days by Jeanne Louise Calment of France, who died in 1997.

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