Volunteer Profile – Brian Gosbee

Volunteer Profile

It’s been awhile since he joined us and that’s good enough for Brian.   Although he does point out that he remembers West Toronto Support Services (WTSS) delivering meals to the Parkdale area when he started.

Residing in the very same neighbourhood, Brian first got involved with WTSS because he wanted something to do.   He’d already had a good sense of what the agency did and since that day, he’s been one of our most stalwart Runners for the Meals-on-Wheels program.

Initially, he got his feet wet delivering the Italian meals, but has since moved into two regular slots, twice a week – The N (North) route and (H) High Park route.

Throughout the years, he’s been paired with many drivers during his time delivering hot meals.   Some like to talk, some prefer being quiet and some just like to play their music – it’s all good in Brian’s books.  In fact, he says one of the joys of this position is meeting the different people who are involved in the agency.  He also enjoys meeting clients face to face.    Between deliveries, Brian takes in the many amazing sights in our west end catchment – one such example he points out, is a giant white elephant sculpture in a front yard.

Born and raised in Toronto he knows the city well.   When he was younger, he did some travelling around Canada with his family and lots of camping.   However today, he confesses to liking the” big indoors” more.  On his spare time you may find him ‘camping’ out at the local library.

Thanks Brian for everything – we hope to keep you around for many years to come!

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