Cristina Martins, MPP for Davenport opens Constituency Office

Cristina Martins, MPP for Davenport was newly elected in June of this year.and represents a large area of west Toronto.   West Toronto Support Services shares a similar border in its service area and would like to welcome Cristina to the neighbourhood.

She recently opened a Constituency Office at 1199 Bloor St. W. (between Lansdowne & Dufferin St.) and encourages anyone to drop by.   You can also call her at (416) 535.3158 or visit her website.

MPP Cristina Martins delivers Meals to 77 Rankin

MPP Cristina Martins & Executive Assistant, Matt, deliver Meals-on-Wheels to 77 Rankin Cres. (Fall 2014)

On her role as MPP to WTSS, Cristina says, “I have the privilege to be the voice of this very engaged and active community at Queen’s Park”, “As a Member of Provincial Parliament, I have a keen interest in the activity of local community groups.   It is your commitment to our community which helps make Davenport a vibrant and energetic place to live”.

Cristina has already experienced one of our Meals-on-Wheels routes and we look forward to working with her on future collaborations and community advocacy!


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