The Brain Health Movement

West Toronto Support Services (WTSS) believes in the brain health movement – a global community dedicated to aging well and preserving a lifetime of memories. That’s why we partner with the Alzheimer’s Society of Toronto, leverage their research and more recently, participate in the 2015 Walk for Memories @AlzToronto.

Life expectancy is rising in Canada which has created an increase in the prevalence of age-related diseases that ravage the memory. Dementia is one of the largest global health challenges of our time – every 4 seconds, a new case of dementia is diagnosed worldwide. Let’s join together to protect and promote brain health.

Here is a link to Baycrest’s Brain Health Toolkit. Please use this toolkit to raise awareness for brain disease. Share the facts about brain health with friends and family.

Whether it’s by rejuvenating your spirit, remembering the past or rewiring your approach to health, we want you to rethink brain health and aging. We hope you’ll enjoy this Brain Health Toolkit, full of tips to stay healthy as you age. As always, WTSS is here is support you and your family. Find out how – click here, email or call (416) 653-3535.

During this month of Alzheimer’s Awareness, West Toronto Support Services would like to acknowledge Caregivers and thank them for all that they do.

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