Caring for Someone at Home with Dementia: Don’t Neglect Your Own Self-Care

The decision to care for someone with dementia at home can be exhausting work – both mentally and physically. In our previous Blog Post, we shared a practical resource to simplify the home and improve environmental safety. In this Blog Post, let’s explore the ways to help you stay strong and able to cope with your new role as care-giver.

Caring for a person with dementia is both physically and mentally demanding, particularly for non-professional care-givers taking care of family members. It’s a situation that can lead to exhaustion, burn-out, and even depression on the part of the carer, so it’s vital that you’re able to take breaks on a regular basis, including days and evenings off. So, as part of preparing your home for someone you care for, try and set up a schedule of some kind, to make sure each person who is acting as carer has sufficient time off.

Having a good support system in place from the start is also very helpful. For example, joining a support group for care-giving families can provide a means of expressing emotions in a safe and non-judgmental environment. This is hugely important, because it’s natural for care-givers to feel negatively-perceived emotions like frustration, fear, and sadness, and they need a safe outlet in which to express them.

Did you know that West Toronto Support Services provides Respite Care Services? We offer support and stimulation in the home of frail and/or disabled individuals who cannot be safely left alone. It is ideal for family, friends or anyone looking after the needs of another who may need relief from their caregiving responsibilities.

Our Respite Care workers can:

•  Provide caregiver relief
•  Give support and companionship
•  Maintain a safe environment
•  Provide personal care as needed
•  Carry out instructions on special needs
•  Prepare simple meals
•  Provide physical and mental stimulation

We would be happy to answer any of your questions – click hereemail or call (416) 653-3535 today.

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