When Work and Caregiving Collide: How Employers Can Support Their Employees Who Are Caregivers

reportDid you get a chance to read the report When Work and Caregiving Collide – How Employers Can Support their Employees Who Are Caregivers?


As the name suggests, the report highlights best workplace practices that many employers offer to their employees who provide informal care to family and friends, and it includes a toolbox of valuable information and resources for employers.

One great resource, called the Caregiver Portal, provides credible links to extremely useful information:

  • Financial
  • Care options
  • Powers of attorney
  • Health, mental health and dementia

Support EmployeesFollowing Budget 2014, the Government of Canada launched the Canadian Employers for Caregivers Plan (CECP) to explore ways to help employee caregivers participate as fully as possible in the workforce. The CECP is one of a range of activities that the Government of Canada and others are currently undertaking to support caregivers. These include tax measures, income replacement through employment insurance, and the provision of targeted programs for caregivers in populations under federal jurisdiction. This report presents findings and insights, a part of CECP initiatives.

West Toronto Support Services is a strong advocate of all initiatives that support caregivers. We believe that helping employees balance work with their caregiving responsibilities will have a positive impact on the Canadian economy.

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