A walk with dementia – Finding Your Way tools

Finding Your WayFinding Your Way is a program that offers practical advice on how people with dementia can stay safe while staying active. It shows how to best deal with the risk of going missing.

Finding Your Way tools:

Identification form- Download a form that can be completed in advance and quickly passed onto searchers, saving precious time in the event of an emergency.

MedicAlert® Safely Home® – By registering for this program and wearing a MedicAlert® bracelet, people with dementia can be more easily identified and returned home should they become lost.

Locating devices – Download this brief overview of technology available to locate people with dementia who become lost.

Project Lifesaver – Supported by local police services in some Ontario communities, this program uses radio frequency technology to locate enrolled citizens who go missing and return them home safely.

Watch A Walk with Dementia to see how a caregiver used some of these techniques when his wife acquired a form of dementia

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