WTSS acknowledges National Family Caregiver Day #careandwork

National Family Caregiver DayToday is National Family Caregiver Day –

A day to pay tribute to the valuable contribution of family caregivers to our lives!

Across the country, millions of Canadians – parents, children, and neighbours- unselfishly commit themselves to care for those in their lives affected by a diminishing physical ability, a debilitating cognitive condition or a chronic life-limiting illness. They offer their dedication and compassion day in and day out, to ensure that the person they care for has the best quality of life and care possible. Today, on National Family Caregiver Day, West Toronto Support Services (WTSS) is proud to recognize these individuals for their strengths and contributions to our society.

In 2012, 2.2 million Canadians received some form of help in their home to cope with a long term health condition, disability or aging needs. Overall, seniors were the most frequent users, with aging needs being the most prevalent reasons for receiving care. This number will continue to increase as our country is faced with the growing number seniors and related complexity of care. According to Statistics Canada, 88% of home care receivers relied on the help of family caregivers. In fact, family caregivers provide 80% of the care needed by seniors with long term conditions.

“Family caregivers play a vital role in enabling seniors to remain safely at home with dignity and quality of life. Their support and care have protected their loved ones from unnecessary hospital visits or premature admission to long-term care facilities”, stated Jill Robbins, CHCA President.

SOURCE Canadian Home Care Association

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