Volunteer Profile: Ikue Kisa


Volunteer Ikue Kisa

Ikue discovered us last fall and has been regularly helping us in a big way.    She spends most of her days each week assisting with our Adult Day Services (ADS), whether it’s socializing with clients, helping with food, exercises or games.   She really enjoys working with the clients and staff.   Willing to help in a pinch, she’s also been lending a hand with our Community Dining program, Meals-on-Wheels and the occasional administrative work.  She finds the older adults more cheerful compared to similar work she did in Japan before she traveled abroad.

Ikue came to Canada from Japan in September of 2014 and has been taking courses in communication, business and public speaking.   Aside from the positive experience at WTSS, her volunteer work offers her the chance to learn about our Canadian culture and put to good use some of the skills she learned in her home country working with older adults.   In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the city and recently saw a Raptors game where she won a free T-shirt!    Her travels have also extended to Montreal and Quebec.   Sometimes you’ll catch her watching some movies or trying out the variety of different foods that Toronto has to offer.   Playing a piano and singing is only one of her skills but something she’s not keen to boast about.

She’s heading back to Shimane, Japan in May but not before she plans on travelling to America and western Canada.    In her home country she has two older brothers, her parents and her dog, Hina whom she misses very much.

Thanks Ikue for all your hard work!   We hope you’ll come back and visit us on a return trip.

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