#NVW2015: Kicking off National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer WeekLife can be busy. Often our schedules are filled with work and family commitments, errands and social outings. You’d think we couldn’t possibly squeeze in one more thing – but we do. The latest research tells us that 13.3 million Canadians (nearly half the population over age 15) volunteered more than two billion hours in 2010.* That’s equivalent to about one million full-time jobs!

Unexpected benefits of volunteering
The top reason people donate their time and skills, according to Volunteer Canada, is to contribute to their communities. But there are also personal, sometimes unexpected, benefits.

5 more reasons to volunteer
Making a difference in your community is an excellent reason to volunteer. There are also personal rewards for stepping out of your routine to help others:

• Gain and apply new skills
• Inspire younger family members
• Develop new interests
• Connect with people outside of your usual circles
• Have fun, feel fulfilled and reduce stress

Passing on family values
Volunteering as a family is a great way to unplug from the daily chaos and open the lines of communication. In fact, it’s a new trend. Many organizations that benefit from volunteerism plan family-friendly activities. On a larger scale, you might consider replacing your next theme-park vacation with a volunteer adventure. Instead of lounging by the pool, you could rally to build a school or home, dig a well or work in an animal sanctuary. It can be an excellent way for your family to experience different cultures, discover hidden talents and connect on a whole new level – all while reinforcing the importance of helping others.

Celebrating stronger communities
Join us in celebrating everyone who helps strengthen our communities during National Volunteer Week, from April 12 to 18. This 12th annual event is organized by Volunteer Canada, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing and supporting volunteerism.

Start today and get involved by checking out our volunteer opportunities at WTSS!


*Source: Statistics Canada, Canada Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating

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