Same agency, new look!

We’re excited to reveal a new logo and brand colours for West Toronto Support Services!

Why the new look?

Some of our clients will remember our West Toronto Services for Seniors or Silver Circle names. About a year and a half ago, we issued a survey that went out to our clients, members, staff and  volunteers.  We were looking for your opinion and input.  We had great feedback that spoke some clear messages:

  • Our agency name Silver Circle was causing some confusion.
  • There was a clear preference for “West Toronto Support Services”

Earlier this year, we began working with a talented design company called Swerve who initially presented us with 7 different concepts.   Through brainstorming and community consultation, we are pleased to show you the final version.

What’s changed?

Our official operating name will be updated slightly to “West Toronto Support Services” (WTSS).  This change will bring us back to our roots.   Your comments indicated that our operating name from early inception in 1985 still resonates strongly in the community.  The WTSS name also encompasses our target audience best and the services we provide.

What hasn’t changed!

We’ll still be continuing to provide you with quality care to support our mission of helping individuals live independently.  Our focus, as always will be assisting adults 55+, adults with disabilities and caregivers through our basket of services to support your needs.

Our new icon

The three crescents forming our circular icon are an abstract representation of Support, Diversity, Working Together and Community.  The symbol is iconic and easily identifiable.  It reinforces our mandate that we must work together within ourselves and other agencies to provide the best care possible to support the changing needs of our community and health sector.

How will this impact you?

  • When sending mail to our agency at 1709 Bloor St. W. 2nd Fl., please use “West Toronto Support Services”
  • When writing cheques for invoices or donations, please use “West Toronto Support Services”
  • Telephone #’s and email addresses for the agency and staff will remain the same.
  • Our website will be redirected to our current one,

Our new brand will be applied across all our paper and online literature soon.   Please be patient as we change over to our new “West Toronto Support Services” logo.

Help us spread the news!

See News Release

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