Have you Heard @LiciousTO ? Celebrate Summerlicious until July 26, 2015

summerlicioucsBetween July 3 and 26, Toronto diners will be able to snag three-course meals at some of the city’s best restaurants at well discounted prices.

Prix fixe lunch menus are priced at $18, $23 and $28, and dinner comes in at $25, $35 and $45 depending on your restaurant and meal of choice.

Take a well deserved time out and taste some of the diverse cuisine Toronto has to offer. Summerlicious features more than 210 top restaurants offering three-course prix fixe lunch and dinner menus at exceptional price points.

Where can I pick up a printed list of all Summerlicious restaurants?

Summerlicious guides are sent to all participating restaurants and are available at the Toronto City Hall, main floor, next to the security desk (100 Queen Street West) by the end of June.

Which venues are wheelchair accessible?

Each restaurant and event venue is asked to identify whether their location is fully barrier-free and wheelchair accessible. Look for the accessibility icon throughout the site to find accessible restaurants.

Sort the list by “Accessible Restaurants” to find all accessible restaurants.

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