Civic Holiday 2015 @WTSSorg

Please note that the WTSS office will be CLOSED this Civic Holiday (Monday, August 3rd)
Civic Holiday
Did you know that the first Monday in August is a Civic Holiday in much of Canada, but it goes under different names in different parts of the country. Here in Toronto it is known as Simcoe Day but it still commonly goes by the name Civic Holiday.

Why is it Called Simcoe Day?
Although now an almost nation-wide affair, the August Civic Holiday began in Toronto in the late 1800’s when our city council thought people could use another “day of relaxation” in the summer months.   In 1968, the city council decided to name the Civic Holiday, “Simcoe Day” after the very late John Graves Simcoe.

“Simcoe came to what is now Ontario in 1792 as the first Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada.  He was responsible for organizing the governments in both Upper Canada and Quebec, began building roads, and founded the town of York, which would eventually become the City of Toronto. Simcoe’s greatest legacy though is that he supported legislation to ban future slavery”.


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