Thank you to our Volunteer Team! #volunteer

Thank you VolunteersOur Volunteer Recognition dinner was held on Thursday, July 9th.   It’s our annual event to personally say a big THANK YOU and show appreciation to all our hard working volunteers.    Our Volunteer team is an integral part of our organization and you’ll find them in many of our departments, such as Adult Day Service, Meals-on-Wheels, Community Dining and Friendly Visiting.

The One-Man-Band performed for the evening and guests were treated to a sit down dinner of stuffed chicken, spinach, potatoes and a medley of vegetables.  Did we mention the wine table service?

Shirley, our Volunteer Coordinator, began the evening with a poignant and introductory speech,

“You come from many different backgrounds. You have many different life experiences and yet you all have at least one thing in common, your willingness to give your time to help others…. It is all of you who are generously giving your time, your warmth, your humour and your caring.  No amount of thanks can replace your work.”

According to Statistics Canada, Canadians are generous with volunteering their time, energy and skills to support causes that matter to them the most.   Imagine Canada has created this easy to digest graph that breaks down how we’re contributing to our community through volunteerism.

Want to join our amazing team?   APPLY NOW to get the ball rolling.

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