Activities for Grandparents and Teens

Activities for Grandparents and TeensGrandparents and young adults can use summer vacation to bridge the generation gap and take a break from technology. Next time your young adult takes too much screen time, encourage your child to spend some quality time disconnecting from devices and reconnecting with his or her grandparents:

1. Volunteer for the Same Cause

Volunteering builds character, self-esteem, and compassion. Find a volunteer opportunity that both your young adult and his or her grandparent can get passionate, and encourage them to help others – together.

2. Learn a New Hobby

Summertime can be the perfect time for young adults to learn a new pastime from their older relatives. Whether you set up weekly lessons or plan an afternoon of learning, both young and older adults can benefit from quality time spent together sharing a cherished activity.

3. Use Technology Together

Encourage young adults to put their tech knowledge to use and spend some time teaching grandma and grandpa how to communicate via text, online chat, or video chat.

Building cross-generational connections between young adults and their grandparents is a simple – but impactful – summer project. 

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