Do you need Bereavement Support?

Bereavement SupportFor many caregivers, the time immediately following the death of a loved one can be wrought with a range of emotions and physical reactions, often leaving caregivers to face new challenges.

It is important in the grief journey that caregivers are able to openly talk about these experiences, reactions and feelings. Hospice Toronto’s Bereavement Support program offers family and friends the support that they need as they take their first steps in this journey. A dedicated pool of volunteers, working one-on-one either by phone or in person, can help caregivers acknowledge death; assist them in dealing with the more immediate tasks of living while grieving; share their pain, sadness, tears, memories, and stories; and provide insight into their experiences.

At the end of the support period, volunteers can also assist caregivers with information and referrals to formal community bereavement groups.

For more information about this Bereavement Support program please call 416-364-1666.

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