Seniors Stay Well Living Well @polycultural

Polycultural Immigrant & Community ServicesOur community friends, Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services, are being featured in this month’s Agency Profile.  Polycultural Immigrant & Community Services is a charitable, non-profit, community-based agency serving individuals and communities for over 40 years!

Both of our organizations believe in empowering older adults and encouraging them to share their knowledge, skills and experience with others.  Our agencies have been working together over the years to better serve this need.

Did you know that Polycultural provides a range of programs for adults over 55 featuring their Stay Well Living Well program?

Trained senior volunteers will:

• Make home visits to isolated seniors
• Share information and referral on existing community services
• Accompany seniors on local trips
• Lead the local senior’s clubs filled with activities on health, wellness and fun!

Need support or want to become a peer mentor? Training will be provided by Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services.

Discover more about their quality programs and contact information at an office near you:

Etobicoke Central

Scarborough South

Scarborough North



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