Did you know Seniors can Volunteer @WTSSorg?

VolunteeringThe Guide to Programs and Services for Seniors in Ontario highlights two important ways that Seniors can find volunteer work opportunities. But did you know that you can volunteer with West Toronto Support Services?

There are many reasons to volunteer with WTSS! You will work with a dedicated team alongside other staff and volunteers. Plus, light refreshments and a variety of coffee and teas are readily available each day when you come to our office.

If you are looking for a volunteer experience outside our office, check out:

  1. Volunteer Toronto
    Volunteer Toronto is a charitable organization whose work strives to build a strong, inclusive, caring and committed community of people who willingly give of their time and energy toward building a healthy city.  Check out their extension database.
  2. Ontario Volunteer Centre Network
    This organization helps to bring volunteers and agencies together and acts as the provincial voice for Volunteer Centres in Ontario.
  3. Volunteer Canada
    This bilingual, non-profit organization promotes volunteerism across Canada by encouraging community participation and recognizing volunteer efforts.
  4. If you would like to volunteer to help others complete their tax returns, consider the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program run by the Canada Revenue Agency. Please lend them a hand during this busy time of year.

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