Compassionate Care Benefit Program

Caring for a gravely ill family member is one of life’s most difficult challenges. Caregivers face many emotional, physical and financial demands. During this stressful time you should not have to choose between keeping your job and caring for your family.

Compassionate Care Benefits are federal Employment Insurance benefits paid to those who have to be away from work temporarily to provide care or support for a very sick family member who has a significant risk of death within 26 weeks. A maximum of six weeks of compassionate care benefits may be paid to eligible individuals.

For more information, contact Service Canada at 1-800-206-7218, TTY: 1-800-926-9105

Did you know? Even if you qualify for compassionate care benefits, you want to be sure that your employer will keep your job for you while you are away. Ontario’s Family Medical Leave allows you to take up to eight weeks of leave in a 26- week period to care for certain family members who have a serious medical condition with a significant risk of death within 26 weeks. This leave is unpaid, so although your job is protected, you won’t get paid while you are away from work. If you do not qualify for federal compassionate care benefits, you may still be able to take an unpaid family medical leave.

For more information, contact Employment Standards Information Centre 1-800-531-5551, TTY: 1-866-567-8893

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