Client Satisfaction Survey results for 2015

Client Survey ResultsOur 2015 client satisfaction survey results are in! A huge thank you to all clients that participated to help us continually improve our services.  The surveys were conducted by several outstanding volunteers throughout the month of October (mostly via phone). Results were reported anonymously.

Overall, our clients and their caregivers are satisfied with the services provided by WTSS – a great way to end 2015.

The 2015 client satisfaction survey was developed in order to give clients and caregivers the opportunity to provide direct and measurable feedback to WTSS. The results are used to help steer the organization forward by evaluating and improving services as well as identifying areas for new programming.

The majority of clients feel they are treated courteously by WTSS staff and that they feel safe when receiving services.

87% of clients feel they are well informed of WTSS’ programs and services and several clients expressed interest in learning more about the programs and services they weren’t already receiving.

Accessibility is overall, quite good with 82% of clients not having problems   accessing WTSS’ services.  Accessible barriers may include access to service such as language, disabilities, etc.

47% of clients feel that when they needed more help, WTSS connected them to other services within the organization or  outside the organization such as hospitals, CCAC, etc.  5% disagreed with this statement and 48% responded N/A to this question – primarily because they didn’t need more help at any point during service delivery..

As more people are looking to technology for certain tasks,  several clients shared that they would prefer to make online payments for their services instead of having to mail cheques each month.

The survey also included detailed feedback on individual services at WTSS.  Suggested comments for improvement in each service are reviewed and followed up by Supervisors.   To learn more about the survey results, call (416) 653-3535 Ext. 234


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