Stay Healthy Naturally This Winter

Garlic is good for youWe all know that the flu season is upon us (and continues right through March 1); so you might be asking, “How do I protect myself and my family from the cold and flu this winter”?

Here are two useful and natural solutions that everyone on a budget should try:

1. Eat raw garlic.

Garlic has the ability to boost your immune system by increasing the rate at which your natural killer cells are made. The active ingredient in raw garlic is allicin and it’s known to have antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties – key to fighting lung infections! But make sure you eat it raw since its power is diminished in the cooking process.

2. Drink plenty of water.

Our immune system needs to stay super hydrated all day long. Viruses love dry sinuses, it’s a fact. At the first sign of a cold, get your favourite sugar-free and caffeine-free drink and drink at least 10 cups throughout the day. Sugar-free means no alcohol (which is dehydrating).

Simple, right? Share your home remedies for colds and flu with us on your favourite social media.

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