5 Ways To Beat Winter Depression #BlueMonday @Zoomer

CZC_dgRUAAE5gQPCommunity News: Perhaps you saw or heard about Blue Monday this week in your favourite media and wondered – is the third Monday of January really the most depressing day of the year? We are happy to report that Blue Monday is not actually a thing.  It was dubbed “Blue Monday” in 2015 by a travel company that wanted to encourage people to book winter escapes…

But what is very real is the effect of Winter Blues – a lesser form of Seasonal Affective Disorder – and that’s worth discussing.

SAD is characterized by fall and winter depressions, excessive sleeping, increased appetite with carbohydrate cravings and weight gain. Research suggests that a lack of bright light and low levels of serotonin, the feel-good brain chemical and vitamin D may contribute to this condition.

Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to get through the Winter Blues slump. Try these 10 simple strategies to boost your energy as recommended in Everything Zoomer.

Plus, Global News had an excellent article with useful videos – 5 ways to beat the winter blues and stay happy. Here are the key MUST-DO’s:

  1. Try Vitamin D and light therapy – People can boost their vitamin D levels by drinking milk, eating fatty fish or taking a supplement
  2. Stay Active – Exercise releases endorphins that can be a great stress-buster
  3. Spend Money on Experiences, not things – we feel more connected with our loved ones when we share an experience with them
  4. Give unto others – Volunteering has been shown to be particularly good for people with depression, as it gets them out of the house and socializing
  5. Happy wife makes for a happy life – If subjects didn’t have meaningful relationships, a pet dog often filled the void.

Life is beautiful, and spring will be here soon. Be sure to check out all our WTSS programs and events!

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