Join a Citizen’s Panel: Help shape your local health care @TC_LHIN

Join a Citizen's PanelCommunity News:  The Toronto Central LHIN’s goal is to ensure that all Toronto Central LHIN strategies and initiatives are grounded in and guided by what matters most to the individuals, families and communities they serve. To help them achieve this goal, they are currently building a Citizens’ Panel.


The Panel will:

  • Provide advice and recommendations related to the successful implementation of Toronto Central LHIN’s Strategic Plan.
  • Serve as a forum for the Toronto Central LHIN to engage with the citizens of Toronto – the patients, caregivers, families, and residents at the centre of our health care system  – to design local health care for the future.
  • Define opportunities to improve integration across the health care system and facilitate seamless transitions for patients, clients, and caregivers.

Although the deadline to apply for initial membership on the panel is Monday, February 29th, 2016, recruitment will continue on an ongoing basis


—– > Apply Here!

You can also download a .pdf copy

If you would prefer to fill out the form in a different way, or have any questions, please contact:


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