5 Hidden Costs of Family Caregiving @APlaceForMom

Caregiving costsCommunity Resource: How has caregiving impacted your own family? Were their costs that you did not anticipate? A Place for Mom recently posted an excellent Blog Post worthy of sharing.

There are many clouded costs to family caregiving that should be considered before committing to becoming the full-time caregiver for an older loved one. Being aware of these costs can also help non-caregivers appreciate the sacrifice caregivers make, and the profound importance of their role.

Here are the five hidden costs of caregiving (read the Blog Post for details):

  1. Lost Wages
  2. Decreased Employability
  3. Increased Health Costs
  4. Lost Savings and Retirement
  5. Reduced Productivity

There are no easy answers, but it’s important have a conversation about the vital and honourable role of family caregivers, and what can be done to make their lives easier.

West Toronto Support Services appreciates Caregivers!

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