Community Garden Grant Available @transitionTO

Tree MobileAre you involved in a school, faith group, community garden, or non-profit organization helping to grow your community’s sustainability?

Do you have a sunny patch of land where you can grow and nurture fruit trees, fruiting shrubs and other perennial crops?

Are you committed to caring for these plants in the years to come?

If so, Tree Mobile and Orchard People invite you to apply for their 2016 Edible Community Garden Grant. The Grant aims to:
  • To increase local food security by growing food everywhere
  • To promote and assist in the planting of community food
  • To increase the visibility and availability of seasonal fresh food
  • To strengthen community collaboration, knowledge and resilience skills
  • To ensure that donated plants will be healthy and productive
For more information on the grant, and how you can purchase your own climate-appropriate fruit trees and plants at low cost, visit the Tree Mobile website. Tree Mobile is a non-profit, volunteer run organisation.

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