How retirees can help shape Canada’s future – Census Canada 2016

Census Canada 2016Life is a journey defined by transitions from one stage to the next. Our lives are never stagnant, as we are constantly preparing for the future and navigating whatever is thrown at us. Whenever we establish a level of comfort in our routine, change is right around the corner. For many Canadians, the prospect of retirement fills us with mixed emotions. Beyond the stress associated with the financial reality of retirement, Canadians are looking for ways to remain active and engaged in their community.

Transitioning into retirement is a difficult process for someone who is used to spending their days at work. An individual’s career is more than just a source of income. Many Canadians use their career as a way to stay involved in their communities and maintain sharp minds. So when it comes time to settle into life after work, retirees need to find an alternative source of engagement.

A popular option for many is finding temporary work. Statistics Canada is offering retirees an opportunity to engage with their communities, keep active and earn a modest income working as an enumerator or a crew leader for the 2016 Census.

Census enumerators are responsible for identifying dwellings on maps, conducting personal interviews, and following up with respondents in person and by phone. This type of work allows you to establish relationships, positively impact the future of your community, and cultivate strong organizational skills. Crew leaders are responsible for training and supervising a team of enumerators. This type of work provides an opportunity to assume a leadership role.

The census provides information that is vital for planning and evaluating important public services in communities across Canada.

Information on census jobs is available online at


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