CMHA’s 65th Annual Mental Health Week is May 2-8 #GetLoud @CMHAToronto #mentalhealth @CARPNews

May 2nd through 8th is National Mental Health Week: an annual event to encourage people from all walks of life to learn, talk, reflect and engage with others on all issues relating to mental health. This year CMHA is asking Canadians to GET LOUD for mental health!

WTSS is ready to #GETLOUD!

Getting loud means speaking up to stop the discrimination and the stigma that usually go hand in hand with mental illness. It means using your voice to raise awareness and build support. For someone at work. For someone at home. For yourself.

We’re also wearing green in support of positive mental health.

CMHA #GetLoud



Check CMHA’s Mental Health Week website frequently in the coming months for updates and campaign information.

Also, @CARPNews has created a poll specific to mental health issues within our advocacy priority of ensuring quality healthcare for all Canadians as we age. Mental illnesses can take many forms, just as physical illnesses do and so this short poll is a way to gauge how deeply the variety of mental health problems may be affecting the lives of CARP members, and the prevalence and importance of this issue. This poll is anonymous, however if you would be willing to share your personal story of how mental illness affected your life, as a means of helping CARP advocate to government on this important issue, we would welcome hearing from you. Email:

About Mental Health Week: CMHA introduced Mental Health Week (MHW) in 1951 to raise awareness of mental illness in Canada. Today, MHW offers practical ways to maintain and improve mental health and support recovery from mental illness and addictions.

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