How to Tell Family You Can No Longer Be Caregiver @APlaceForMom

Need break from caregivingWhen you’ve decided that you can’t continue caregiving — or in the way you have before — how do you break it to the family, prepare for a changing of the guard and handle your own feelings?

Thanks to a recent article @APlaceForMom, we are sharing what experts suggest:

1. Reframe It – ‘I’ve been providing care in one way, and now I need to provide it in another way.’ It doesn’t mean you have to stop,”

2. Discuss Options with Family – For some families, it makes sense to find a neutral, third party with clinical training to run, or at least attend, the meeting.

3. Acknowledge Your Feelings – Whatever the circumstances, feeling stressed, mad, inadequate, exhausted, resentful, hurt, guilty, depressed or disappointed is often what happens when caregivers set boundaries or change the rules. Having a way to deal with your emotions will help you see that you are only human — and to remember your mantra, “I have done the best I can.”

Read the complete article.

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