WTSS Volunteers recognized at Ontario Service Award Ceremony

Volunteer Service Award

Last month on May 10th, 7 WTSS volunteers were recognized at a special ceremony.

The Ontario Volunteer Service Awards recognize individual volunteers for continuous years of commitment and dedicated service to an organization.  The awards were presented in a special ceremony at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts where recipients were presented with a stylized trillium service pin acknowledging their years of service. Recipients also receive a personalized certificate.

The following are this years recipients.   Please congratulate them for their many dedicated years of service at West Toronto Support Services.

  • Brian Gosbee, 10 years
  • Andrew Higgins, Youth
  • Anike McBain, Youth
  • Robert Mcpherson, 5 years
  • Lisa Merchant, 15 years
  • Susan Rutherford, 5 years
  • John Scheffer, 10 years

Lisa Merchant has shared some pictures of her experience below.  She has been with WTSS for 15 years! – thanks Lisa!!

Would you like to become part of the WTSS volunteer team?

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