The Benefits of Exercise for a Healthy Brain

The latest finding, published by researchers at the Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa, is that exercise helps kick-start a repair process that strengthens existing brain connections. That’s incredible news! The research shows that exercise helps by fixing the myelin “insulation” that protects nerve fibres in the brain. That’s particularly intriguing because myelin damage is a hallmark of certain brain diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

Read more details about the study on the Globe and Mail website.

In related news, researchers say seniors should try move around as much as they can. “Calisthenics several times a week, playing handball or tennis, even moderate amounts of activity can be a benefit”. Physical activity has countless health benefits, including helping to keep the mind sharp. Now new research reveals just how much of an impact exercise can have on brain health as we age.

If you still need convincing, watch this short video – your brain matters!

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