A Special Thank You to Our Corporate Volunteers @unitedwaytyr

West Toronto Support Services is blessed with many Corporate Volunteers! This short video shows you just a sample of their many efforts during United Way of Toronto & York Region Days of Caring:

A Note About Why Corporations Should Encourage Volunteerism
Did you know?

  1. About one in five companies give paid time off to employees for volunteering.
  2. And when the organization’s workforce does good, they’re more likely to be well.
  3. According to a recent study called “Doing Good Is Good For You” – a study on the link between health and giving back – volunteering makes employees feel better physically, emotionally, and mentally. In fact, 76% of participants said that volunteering made them feel healthier, and 94% said that volunteering improved their mood.

To learn more, check out this link.

A Community News blog post

West Toronto Support Services (WTSS),  as part of our communications, write articles about events and news in the community that closely aligns with our agency objectives of living independently and promoting your health and wellness.   An article posted under community news doesn’t necessarily mean we endorse them – they are articles of interest that you may pursue further.  A healthy community is a diverse and connected community!

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