WTSS Proposed Merger with Humber Community Seniors’ Services

West Toronto Support Services (WTSS) is very pleased to announce that we are looking at an important new partnership with another agency serving adults 55+ and adults with disabilities in west Toronto.

WTSS and Humber Community Seniors’ Services (HCSS) are looking into bringing our two organizations together and forming one organization. By becoming one organization our goal is to expand the types of services we can offer to our clients and increase our presence in our local neighbourhoods in west Toronto.

Our two agencies undertook a third-party Feasibility Assessment last year that showed that the organizations fit well together, that the agencies’ Boards and leadership share the same goals and are highly committed to the merger’s success, and that combining the strengths of both agencies will benefit clients, staff and the health system.

Meeting Changing Community Needs

As our communities change as a result of aging, immigration and socio-economic shifts, there will be an even greater need for accessible community services. To meet these changing needs and have an affordable health system in the future, even more services will be provided in communities and homes instead of hospitals and institutions. Community agencies are working together to meet these challenges. Organizations are collaborating more closely and integrating in new ways in order to expand their programs and services for clients and to better meet community needs.

WTSS and HCSS are planning to merge our agencies to create a strong, single agency that will be better able to meet the needs of our clients and changing communities.

Humber Community Seniors’ Services

HCSS is an accredited non-profit community support services agency serving seniors and adults with disabilities that has served its communities for some 50 years. HCSS is located in the heart of Mount Dennis at 1167 Weston Road.

Its services include Meals on Wheels, Home Help, Transportation, Adult Day Program, Home and Property Maintenance, Escorted Monthly Outings, Wellness programs, and Telephone Reassurance and Safety Checks.

HCSS serves a number of City of Toronto Neighbourhood Improvement Areas, including Mount Dennis. HCSS’s current geographic area is the area bounded by 401, the Humber River, Dufferin street and Bloor street for all programs. However, transportation, home maintenance and Meals on Wheels are also provided to parts of east Etobicoke and southern North York. HCSS serves a very ethno culturally and racially diverse population with services provided in 17 different languages.

How will this impact you?

This will in no way affect your current services at WTSS. Should WTSS and HCSS decide to become one organization after the consultation process is complete, you will have easier access to additional services based on your needs. If you are receiving service, it will continue without interruption from the current location.

We’d like to hear your feedback

There are different ways for you to have your say about our potential integration with HCSS. We welcome your comments, ideas and questions via any of the following:

  1. Send an email to our official feedback email: feedback@wtss.org
  2. Complete our anonymous online questionnaire at : https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WTSS2017merger 
  3. Contact Thom Burger, WTSS’s Executive Director directly at (416) 653-3535 Ext. 225

Next steps

We will be holding conversations with clients, caregivers, volunteers, members and partners in February and March of this year so that your interests and concerns are taken into account when decisions are made. In the summer, we plan to submit the integration proposal to the Toronto Central LHIN. The LHIN will determine whether the integration will go ahead.

In the meantime, please send your feedback. We will provide further updates on this website at https://wtss.org/about/wtss2017merger/

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