Caregivers’ Time Out: A sharing circle for family caregivers @dorothy_ley

The Caregivers’ Time Out at The Dorothy Ley Hospice is a gathering for anyone experiencing the joys and stresses of caring for an adult with a life limiting illness.  It offers a supportive, non‐judgmental environment and a way to:

  • alleviate your loneness by meeting other caregivers with similar experiences
  • give you an opportunity to focus on yourself and how you are doing
  • explore your thoughts and feelings about the changes and losses experienced
  • give you the opportunity to laugh or cry, and talk with others who understand that you have your own needs and won’t make you feel guilty
  • relieve stress and avoid compassion fatigue (burnout)
  • give you the opportunity to help one another with suggestions and ideas

When: Wednesdays, 10 ‐ 11:30 am
Where: 220 Sherway Drive, Etobicoke
Registration is required. Call 416-626-0116 today.


Come once, occasionally or often! This is an ongoing weekly sharing circle. If you are interested to attend but are reluctant to leave your loved on their own, consider our WTSS Day Program, or Respite Care while you take this ‘time out’.


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