Toronto Seniors Strategy: Towards an Age-Friendly City

A recent article in the Globe and Mail titled “How should cities prepare for more seniors?”, reminded us to share the Toronto Seniors Strategy which demonstrates our city’s commitment to continually measure and improve.

The article also suggested that “none of the 91 recommendations under the Toronto seniors strategy were given to the province or federal government to handle. This was deliberate. Because of the low or slow rate of implementation previously seen by other levels of government,”

“If you look at the strategy, it’s very clear which city agency or division head is responsible to do what action, by what time”

The city’s seniors strategy is now looking at the next set of initiatives it would like to implement.

The City of Toronto embeds the values of respect, dignity, diversity, independence and equity for older residents in all its policies, programs and services. It is important to help Toronto remain a safe, navigable, affordable, accessible and enjoyable city for everyone.

Download the Toronto Seniors Strategy (PDF) and the Highlights document (PDF).

Read City Council Decisions

During consultations on this Strategy, the City heard repeatedly that making recommendations is the easy part. Producing real improvements in the lives of Torontonians is what matters. An accountability and monitoring plan is key to making these improvements happen.

That is why the recommended actions in this Strategy contain three key elements for accountability and monitoring:

  • a clearly identified lead program area with responsibility to implement;
  • a timeframe for implementation; and
  • an identified measure by which the status of each action will be reported to the public through City Council.

These elements mean that responsibilities for action are clearly assigned, a timeframe to get started on the work is clear, and expectations for reporting are well defined. Where possible, the Strategy identifies specific targets for successful implementation. If a target is not possible, then a measure of progress will be reported. These progress measures will show how well this Strategy is being implemented.

It is also important to know whether there are measurable improvements in the wellbeing of older adults in neighbourhoods across Toronto. To answer this question, the Social Development, Finance & Administration division will work with other City and community partners to build a place-based monitoring framework using the Wellbeing Toronto tool.

Learn more about
Wellbeing Toronto

Continual monitoring and evaluation by City staff and community partners will ensure that The Toronto Seniors Strategy remains a living document, one which is responsive to the evolving needs of older Torontonians.

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