What Is Advance Care Planning? Full Workbook Download

Imagine—one day, without warning, you find yourself in a hospital. You can’t communicate Who would speak for you? Who will make healthcare decisions for you?

Most people will develop a chronic illness during their lifetime. It’s important to plan ahead, for a time when you may not be  capable of making your own healthcare decisions.

We’ve included a link to a workbook put out by the HealthLinks to help you start thinking about what’s important to you about your health and your healthcare. It can help you start conversations with your substitute decision-maker (SDM), family, close friends, and healthcare providers.

As part of WTSS’ Quality Improvement Plan we will be publishing this information annually to ensure our client, members and the community have access to government information on advance care planning.

Click on the image below to read the full workbook.

Advanced Care Planning

For more information:

Advance Care Planning:

  • Speak Up: http://www.advancecareplanning.ca/
    Canada’s Speak Up campaign encourages all Canadians to think about Advance Care Planning. Please make sure you are looking at the information for Ontario.
  • Advance Care Planning, Informed Consent and more:
    Advocacy Centre for the Elderly: http://www.acelaw.ca
  • The Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario:
    They have a booklet that will help you complete a Power of Attorney for Personal Care and a separate Power of Attorney for Property (finance). You can also ask a lawyer to assist you with this.
    Phone: 416-314-2800 Toll-free: 1-800-366-0335 TTY: 416-314-2687
    Direct link to the forms:

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