Adult Day Service offer relief for Caregivers in West Toronto

Did you catch our recent media article that highlighted “seniors who are isolated suffer more depression”?

In the GTA, the proportion of those aged 65 and older climbed to almost 17% and exceeded the share of those under 15 years old. As we know, this significant change in demographics has a profound impact on health care and social services. We are fortunate in West Toronto to have access to Adult Day Service (ADS) that provide necessary daycare responsive to the needs of individuals who are cognitively impaired, frail, physically disabled, as well as offering relief to caregivers.

Wise words at the Humber ADP

With waiting lists growing across the GTA, it’s important to know that the West Toronto Support Services (WTSS) Weston/Mt.Dennis Site at 1167  Weston Rd. is now accepting new clients.  Please call Tel: (416) 249-7946 to arrange an appointment or view our space.

In an interview with Laura Miller, the Lead Programmer at the WTSS Weston/Mt.Dennis Site, Laura sheds insight on this essential  service.

We learned that when our ADS Calendar is developed every month, staff diligently seek feedback from clients, caregivers and fellow co-workers. Attention to detail in the day-to-day schedule reflects the passion of everyone involved.  Agata Krol, the Manager of both ADS locations, helps to ensure that all WTSS best practices are shared between the Bloor and Weston/Mt.Dennis site. One best practice for example, is the upgraded Quiet Room which is always open (complete with easy to operate massage chairs).

Enjoy the quiet room at the Humber ADP

The staff at WTSS Weston/Mt.Dennis Site has recently grown with Emma, a newly hired Personal Support Worker and graduate of George Brown College. Together with Mandy and Laura, their team offers programming to cover all areas of social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual support – crucial for wellness.

Historically in North America, the healthcare system was focused on disease and illness. However, there has been a major shift to view health from a more positive perspective. Experts in the field of dementia agree that staying active, eating a balanced diet and brain health are crucial for caring for our population over 65.

As a caregiver, you can learn more about WTSS Weston/Mt.Dennis site.

See our May Calendar for the ADS Weston/Mt.Dennis site

A day’s activities at Humber ADP

Stay tuned for future ADS Calendar news from the Weston/Mt.DennisWeston/Mt.Dennis site that will include visits to the nearby Toronto Public Library, restaurants, coffee shops, recreational centres and Toronto Parks. On the radar are more ideas such as intergenerational programs involving children.

Big changes for this spring at the Weston/Mt.Dennis site included: new day lighting, whiteboard communications, and rooms organized to create a sense of space and ease of movement. “We are receiving lots of positive feedback from caregivers and clients”, Laura Miller.

Here are just a couple of Client Testimonials expressing their gratitude for the changes since WTSS’ merger:

“I am happy to be here because my children don’t want me to be alone at home. I enjoy the social environment and being challenged with intellectual games.” ~ Prathoo

Prathoo enjoys the social environment and being challenged

“My favourite program is exercise, it keeps us healthy. I want to come every day. I love Laura and Agata. I was a single parent, working hard, taking care of my family – and my daughters found this program for me. I am so comfortable here and I feel happy!” ~ Kalawatee

Kalawatee seen here in the Green Room is happy and comfortable with the program


More pictures of our Adult Day Service – Weston/Mt.Dennis site below:


Adult Day Service – Weston/Mt.Dennis Site at 1167 Weston Rd. 

Call us to book an appointment at: (416) 249-7946

A West Toronto Support Services (WTSS) news blog post.

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