October is Community Support Month

Community support services support nearly one million Ontarians each year, including seniors and people with disabilities. They help clients live independently in their own homes and communities for as long as possible, and reduce the burden on family caregivers and other parts of the health care system. As Ontario’s population ages, community support services will become even more important.

October is Community Support Month, an opportunity to celebrate and raise awareness about the value of these services.

​Over 25 different community support services are provided by hundreds of charities and not-for-profit agencies across the province. Services include personal care and home help, Meals on Wheels, Alzheimer and adult day programs, transportation to medical appointments, friendly visiting, caregiver support, hospice and palliative care services, and much more.

The sector employs over 20,000 people and engages up to 100,000 volunteers. Each year, they deliver nearly 3 million meals, provide 2 million rides to medical appointments, and serve 30,000 Ontarians in adult day programs and 25,000 with assisted living services.

Agencies receive partial government funding, but are also supported by community foundations, individual donations and thousands of dedicated volunteers.

Service Celebration Dates for 2018

  • ​October 1 – Respite Services Day
  • October 3 – Congregate Dining Day
  • October 5 – Supportive Housing/Assisted Living Day
  • October 10 – Client Intervention and Assistance (CIA) Services Day
  • October 7-13 – Community Care Worker Week
  • October 12 – Friendly Visiting/Telephone Reassurance Service Day
  • October 19 – Home Help/Maintenance Services Day
  • October 26 – Attendant Services Day
  • October 28 – Hospice and Palliative Care Services Day
  • October 1-7 – Meals on Wheels Week
  • October 8 – Transportation Services Day
  • October 14-20 – Adult Day Program Week
  • October 16 – Capacity Builders PSW Training Day
  • October 16 – OCSA AGM
  • October 17-18 – OCSA Annual Conference

About OCSA 

Across the province each year, over one million people receive home care and community support services – and the need is growing. The Ontario Community Support Association (OCSA) champions a strong, sustainable home and community support sector for all Ontarians. Our not-for-profit, community-based member organizations provide a wide variety of health and wellness services which help a full range of clients including seniors and people with disabilities remain independent in their own homes and communities. These compassionate and cost-effective services improve quality of life and prevent unnecessary hospitalizations, emergency room visits and premature institutionalization. They are the key to a sustainable health care system for Ontario. For more information, visit www.ocsa.on.ca.

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