VOICES, of those we serve, their beloveds, and those we serve beside…

When you walk through the double doors at WTSS Bloor site you will be greeted with the widest, and warmest of arms – Nadia. Nadia is the “welcome” on the phone, the voice who ensures you reach the person you need, often leaving her post to walk down the halls of our offices, knock on our doors to say, “come, someone needs you”.  Nadia weaves us together in that way, where you are excited to sit a minute, while you wait for an appointment, where those just passing by as they enter the building to visit, look up and say hello – she’ll see you and notice if you have not been around in a while. It is with this presence of loving kindness WTSS and the most wonderful volunteers, students, staff and leadership craft services and programs.

Participant’s partner, wife, caregiver…

My husband has been attending to the Adult Day Program at WTSS for seven years.  We have experienced the service before and after WTSS merged with Humber Community Seniors’ Services and we have felt the difference directly.  My husband often felt excluded, as though watching the day pass – he now feels a part of the day, included in a way that he is seen, uniquely noticed and invited in. The staff are so patient, with him and seem to understand the stress I experience both with and apart from him. They embrace me, as a welcomed friend and neighbour.

Participant’s partner, husband, caregiver and former volunteer with Meals on Wheels (MOW)…

My wife and I used to be volunteer drivers for MOW, now my wife is part of the Adult Day Program. She loves it and it’s a very familiar home away from home. She attends with a new and daily excitement to craft, sing, and greet a community of individuals that are a part of her life.

Community Caregiver whose father receives services…

There are times I am here where I just listen, I listen to the ways the staff see those who attend to the day, as if each day is brand new and full of possibility.  I listen to the workers refer to the Professor, as “Prof” as though he is about to commence a lecture of great importance.  I listen to their inquiries from the Accountant, his calendar of meetings, deadlines, and financial advice.

I see the magical world created by a group of people who care deeply for their community and serve them as though they are their Mothers, their Fathers, and their family. And I know my father-in-law is here now, safe and seen.

~ WTSS Leadership


“We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.”  

 By May Sarton

A West Toronto Support Services (WTSS) news blog post.

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