WTSS response to COVID-19 UPDATES

To help curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus, WTSS has canceled all client group activities and programming (Wellness Programs, exercise, and Fall Prevention classes, Community Dining, Income Tax program, etc) and Adult Day Services till further notice.  Meals on Wheels and Toronto Ride continue providing services while following strict protocols to curtail the spread of the COVID-19 and prioritize essential services.

Supportive Housing and other PSW- based programs such as Right Place of Care, Hub and Spoke, Respite and Home at Last continue operating and offering essential services to high-risk clients.

In addition to changes to programs, WTSS has limited the number of people that can access our sites, and has been actively screening all staff and volunteers – this includes completing a respiratory screening questionnaire. Those who present symptoms are asked not to come to work or provide visits.

Staff providing services in the community will complete a screening questionnaire for clients prior to providing care.

All WTSS sites are open, and a dedicated screener has been appointed to each of them to increase safety.

WTSS has been actively and frequently disinfecting all locations as outlined by our best practice guidelines.

We are enforcing risk mitigation strategies such as:

  • Reducing the number of participants in meetings or changing the venue to prevent crowding;
  • Staggering arrivals and departures;
  • Increasing access to hand-washing stations;
  • Asking clients and staff to adhere to personal protective practices such as social distancing, hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, and staying home if ill.

Staff are required to use personal protective equipment such as gloves and gowns when necessary and appropriate.

WTSS management and care team have been meeting since the end of February reviewing and assessing the impact of the virus and planning and implementing best practices to support all staff and clients.

WTSS will continue to support all clients who need care. This may take the form of phone calls, dropping off supplies, supporting caregivers in the home, or entering the home to assist if required.

This is a fluid situation and we anticipate details will change over time.

We are monitoring the situation surrounding COVID-19 very closely and will provide further updates as required.

To ensure that staff and clients remain safe we have a dedicated team working to monitor the situation and ensure our readiness daily.

A West Toronto Support Services (WTSS) news blog post.

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