Adult Day Service

The Adult Day Service (ADS) provides social, recreational activities in an environment that is responsive to the needs of individuals who are cognitively impaired and/or frail and/or physically disabled as well as offering relief to caregivers.

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Answers to your Questions

1.   Where is this service provided?

At 1709 Bloor St. W. near the intersection of Bloor St. W. and Keele St.

2.  Do you offer tours of your facilities?

Yes, we will gladly offer a tour of our facilities. Please call (416) 653-3535 Ext. 229 to arrange an appointment.

3.   What kind of activities can someone expect in a typical day at the centre?

We offer a variety of programming throughout the day to stimulate clients on an intellectual, physical and social level. Please call to request the current monthly calendar.   Please check out an example of a monthly calendar. Our Adult Day Program runs approximately from 9am to 4:30pm.

4.   Do you offer transportation to and from the program?

The Adult Day Service transportation component is optional. Our flat fee includes transportation to and from the program each day. Clients must reside in our catchment area to qualify for rides.

5.   Is breakfast or lunch included?

A full lunch is provided to clients each day. Also a light snack is provided in the morning and late afternoon.

6.   Do you do day trips?

There is at least one day trip a month. During the warmer months, day trips may be offered twice a month. We also offer several special event days at our centre that are based on a theme or holiday.

7.   Are you wheelchair accessible?

Our office and ADS is all accessible. The bus used to pick up clients and drop them off is also accessible and has a wheelchair lift.

8.   How secure are the facilities for someone who has dementia?

Our ADS facilities have an excellent ratio of 1 staff for every four clients.  We also have secure maglock doors that prevent wandering and policies in place as to who and when they are to be open.

9.   Can someone outside our service area attend the program?

Yes, anyone outside our service area may attend our program however we will not be able to provide transportation.