Friendly Visiting & Telephone Security Check

The Friendly Visiting & Telephone Security Check service includes social visits and telephone calls made by volunteers as a security check or just to say “Hello”.   The client and volunteers mutually agree upon the time and frequency of call or visits.

No fees for Friendly Visiting 
Fees for our other services are listed in Service Fees

See Eligibility requirements for our services.

Answers to your Questions
1.   Can I request the type of person who will be my Friendly Visitor?

While you can’t pick the volunteer that you are matched to, you certainly have input. When you are matched with a volunteer, your location, hobbies, interests and the languages that you speak are considered. A best effort is made to match you to someone with similar interests, however if you do not get along or if you feel that the you are not benefiting from your visits, we will be receptive to your comments and try to match you with another volunteer.

2.   Can I ask my Friendly visitor to help clean?

The friendly visiting program is a means of providing companionship by having someone come and partake in activities such as reading, crafts, going for a walk, sharing recipes, playing cards and listening to stories. While a volunteer is visiting, they may tidy up the mess from the activity they have participated in, but if housekeeping is required it is best to use some of our other programs. Please call for details.

3.   Can we go out together, such as a visit to a park or the coffee shop?

Before you are accepted into the Friendly Visiting service, one of our case managers will complete an assessment. The Case Manager will determine if it is safe for a volunteer to take you for a walk. Our volunteers are wonderful people that have an interest in helping seniors, however they are not trained to lift or escort clients that are very frail. If the Case Manager determines that it safe for a volunteer to walk with a client to a store or park, then you are off and about!

4.   How long are the visits?

We recommend that volunteers stay for one hour and come once a week. Sometimes a volunteer may be able to stay longer, however it is not expected of them.